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Pressure Cleaners

australian_madeDelmac Power Equipment are suppliers of Spitwater High Pressure Water Cleaners which are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. Their main applications are in the cleaning, building, transport, manufacturing and primary industries.

Spitwater products are Australian made, manufactured in Albury NSW by Spitwater Australia. The Spitwater Australia factory has 15,000 square metres under cover in its plant with state of the art equipment, exported around the world.

Electric Hot and Cold Water Pressure Cleaners


Delmac Power Equipment offer a high performance, efficient products ranging from the domestic cleaner to large 3 phase electric units.

Hot water units are available for hire in both 3 phase and single phase. Delmac offer after sales service and spare parts back-up with servicing.



Petrol Cold Water Pressure Cleaners

coldwater_petrol_pressure_cleanersDelmac Power Equipment offer a high performance, efficient range of petrol powered cold water machines. Petrol powered Heavy Duty machines are available for hire. Delmac offer after sales service and spare parts back-up with servicing.


  • Powdercoated zinc annealed steel frame and cover;
  • Durable ABS cooling tank to environmentally isolate main water supply and to protect the pump from overheating when machine is in by pass;
  • 5 litres capacity detergent tank (Model HP 50SAE 10 litres);
  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • Three ceramic plunger pump with brass head;
  • Honda petrol engines with low oil guard (Model HP152A and above);
  • Spitwater's exclusive tooth belt drive on 1440 rpm models;
  • Pressure gauge in glycerol bath;
  • Detergent metering control;
  • Adjustable by pass valve;
  • Stainless steel inlet filter;
  • Quick coupling connector for high pressure hose.


Delmac Power Equipment offer the Spitwater diesel engine powered pressure cleaners that have been designed from the ground up for heavy duty industrial jobs. They are ideal for applications where electrical power is not available and petrol powered pressure cleaners are either not preferred or not allowed to be used for safety reasons. Delmac offer after sales service and spare parts back-up with servicing.

Spitwater diesel engine powered pressure cleaners are Australian made and incorporate 25 years of research and development. Our large range includes machines powered by 11hp, 20hp and 23hp Lombardini air-cooled diesel engines as well as 29hp and 44hp Deutz diesel engines - the largest range available on the Australian market. Three smaller models are supplied on frames with large pneumatic wheels for easy transport, whilst the big rigs are offered on large heavy-duty skid mounted frames. Other, larger combinations are also available on request.

Some of the applications of diesel powered pressure cleaners include:

  • Graffiti removal;
  • Building and building maintenance;
  • Road building and cleaning of road-building equipment;
  • Drain cleaning;
  • Mining and cleaning or mining equipment; and
  • Cleaning oil exploration equipment and more.

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